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Everything home sellers need to know about selling their home to get the most.

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We address everything that you need to prepare your property listing.

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Finding your REALTOR®

Finding the right REALTOR® to sell your home measn getting the most money possible.

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Understanding contracts and waht terms mean when accpeting an offer on your home.

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Modern Roofing Options article image

Modern Roofing Options

Wednesday 6th, 2023
Sutton Realty

On August 17, 2023, when wildfire took hold in McDougall Creek near West Kelowna, exceptionally high winds sent embers flying across the lake to rain down on buildings in the Kelowna area. An amazed homeowner who lives six kilometers away from the fire shared a photo of a two-centimeter, burnt piece of bark in her yard. She was grateful it had not landed on her asphalt roof. By late August of the summer of 2023, wildfires had already burned 150,504 square kilometers or about four percent of the entire forest area of Canada. This is approximately five times the long-term average of 2.54 million hectares (6.3 million acres) for that time of the year. Wildfires burned in all 13 provinces and territories (Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, 2023). Read more

Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens article image

Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens

Tuesday 1st, 2023
Sutton Realty

Imagine walking into your own outdoor kitchen complete with a built-in barbeque grill, sink, mini fridge, pizza oven, and ample counter space allowing you to cook al fresco in a refreshing breeze as you enjoy the view of your garden, keep an eye on your children, and chat with guests in an adjoining seating area. An outdoor kitchen transforms a regular backyard into a posh destination. Read more

Earth-Sheltered Homes article image

Earth-Sheltered Homes

Thursday 6th, 2023
Sutton Realty

In 2023, a tornado with winds up to 275 km/h carved a swath of destruction through Carstairs, Alberta. Twelve homes were in its path: three were destroyed, four were left uninhabitable and the remaining five were damaged. Tornadoes and storms are expected to become more common in Canada and occur in areas previously unaffected (Western University 2023). Understandably, these extreme weather events are generating new interest in earth-sheltered homes. Read more